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Facts About the Scamdemic

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Here is a link to doctors shedding light on this criminally hyped illness along with inexpensive readily available treatments and precautions.

6,000 scientists and doctors sign Anti-lockdown petition.

Resources for countering fascist propaganda for lockdowns and associated nonsense.

Masks don't work: and

Masks caused pneumonia during 1918 Spanish Flu:

Creator of PCR test says those tests can NOT be used for diagnosis:

Current world wide scamdemic is a poster child scientific test showing the lack of mask efficacy in regards to retarding the spread of disease:

Perfect analogy of why Donald Trump is probably the worst president ever (In regards to freedom and liberty) and that is saying a LOT! >.< Start at 1:39:00

Increase in scamdemic deaths AFTER vaccines start:

YOU bear all the costs of these Nazi type human vaccine experiments: and

Virus tests being abused:

Masks are damaging children:

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