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Updated: May 16, 2021 Page updates regularly as to where you can watch his shows and video clips. All content is free to view. Financed by donations. Documentaries created by James on wide ranging subjects. Membership to the site is free but not necessary. All content is free to view. Financed by donations. "News, Music, Memes & More". Live shows require payed membership but day old shows are posted on this page. Live shows have viewer/listener feedback via scrolling feeds. Music is of all variety and does a great job of exposing you to music you would generally not listen too. Lots of independent bands. Format is 1 hour of non stop music followed by 1 hour of news, interviews, etc. I'm a member but do not get to listen anywhere near as often as I would like. Great resource for true Libertarian politics and economic news and research. You can also get degrees through them if you are so inclined. Libertarian news mostly. Adapt 2030 videos. Discuses current and future events from the view of those changes being caused/exacerbated by the Grand Solar Minimum. Great insight on the GSM but can sometimes run off on a batsh _ t crazy tangent about ancient electric aliens and such. Don't let that detract you from the sane scientifically proven things he talks about. :) Science and Futurism with Isaac Arthur. Probably the best channel for watching half hour videos on future tech and the science that makes it possible. He only discusses projects that are scientifically feasible with modern day tech. Any future tech would simply make these project easier to do. NOTHING on this channel is small so brace yourselves! And yes he even discuss how it is feasible to move not just entire solar systems but whole galaxies! Videos on monetary history and precious metals. Including the "Hidden Secrets of Money" series (Definitely a MUST watch for every human on the planet that deals with money and currency.). Also has links to daily news stories that, mostly, deal with finance. Great physical book illustrating how government is nothing more than organized crime. Can download the book/thumb drive at (On a slow server so you may have to try it over time to access the site.) Organization for using local government to enforce freedom and liberty. "Without local enforcement, by compliant local authorities, the will of the central government is not much more than hot air." - Hans-Hermann Hoppe

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