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Some Skeptical Thoughts on Bitcoin

Three simple things that should give you pause when hearing the Bitcoin narrative.

Myth 1) "There is a limited amount of Bitcoin". There is literally NO difference in the mechanics of Gold/fake ETF's and Bitcoin/Fake ETF’s. You can leverage Bitcoin the same as you can gold, silver, realestate, or even the original Mona Lisa if you allow, and people are forced to accept, options on it!

Myth 2) "Bitcoin is un-seizable." Laughably untrue. Countless examples of this but for a specific example type into a search: "Justice Department seizes millions in cryptocurrency from 3 terrorist organizations The US has seized millions of dollars from over 300 cryptocurrency accounts and websites" It's like all this scamdemic nonsense. If people say something often enough the serfs will believe it!

Myth 3) "Bitcoin keeps going up". US treasures have literally been in a bubble for over 40 years! Using the Bitcoin argument: Obviously treasuries are not in a bubble. As evidence of this they "keep going up" and big investors are now putting tens of TRILLIONS into it!

To help pull people out of this delusion use this simple principle (This guideline also helps those caught in the delusions of mythology, government, and this current scamdemic worship.). What is need to get you to NOT believe these asinine claims of the powerful?

Check out Thoughtsonfreedom dot xyz for a list of things you personally can do to reduce the influence of the powerful (And increase your own!).

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